Tuesday, May 25, 2010

South Rock Bar and Grill

This past Sunday was beautiful in Hendersonville, NC. We had just attended Grace Blue Ridge which is currently located in the Art Center building 538 North Main Street. We love being able to attend church on Main Street in downtown Hendersonville and have a wonderful lunch afterwards in one of the many restaurants found on Main Street. We decided to venture out to another part of town this time to have our Sunday dinner.

My husband and I had heard many good things about South Rock Bar and Grill and decided that we would try it out. We met our oldest son at the restaurant as he had to work at RUE 21 at the Blue Ridge Mall at 1:00, so a couple vehicles it was.

When we arrived at South Rock we immediately felt comfortable in the surroundings. It had a laid back atmosphere with plenty of televisions playing a variety of sports. The food was delicious and certainly was reasonably priced but it was the environment that was the most impressive.

It got me thinking about how many places in Hendersonville we still have not explored. I am not talking about simply places to eat, but other treasures that can be found in Hendersonville and the surrounding area. After moving here we checked out a few of the tourist events in the area, but school began and work called. We fell into a sort of rut of always heading out to the same events and the same places to eat.

The first few months we lived here we attended Music on Main faithfully. Then the next summer, there was simply too many other things to get done. I have now decided that I am going to try new activities here in Hendersonville for inspiration for writing on this blog. I figure it will be good for the blog but even better for me!

I have to find out when tail gate markets begin again as I need to taste some homegrown tomatoes and other fresh produce. I am truly looking forward to what this next season will bring to Hendersonville. I will add it to my list of dates and locations to nail down.

By the way, Main Street will be overflowing with floral and garden items this weekend! Come check it out!

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