Wednesday, May 19, 2010

From Central Iowa to Hendersonville North Carolina

In a few weeks, on June 6th our family will have been in Hendersonville for seven years. We left Des Moines, Iowa for an adventure that was going to land us in Hendersonville, North Carolina. We decided that we would pack up our belongings and move to parts unknown, none of our family lived in the area but we were bound for Western North Carolina.

The very first morning in Hendersonville we ventured down to historic main street and found a cozy little restaurant for breakfast. Our adventurous spirit led us to try grits and a few other favorites of the south. The owner was friendly and the food delicious. We felt like we arrived home.

That cozy little restaurant has changed owners several times during our seven years here in Hendersonville. There are several other shops and restaurants that have come and gone during these past few years but there are some that have been here "forever". We have made many of those restaurants our favorites since forever. We love the food and atmosphere of Carolina Diner, Hannah Flanagan, Black Rose, Mezzaluna, West 1st Pizza, Square One, Never Blue. Ok, so some of them are relatively new. They still deliver great food.

Downtown Hendersonville does a great job inviting the community to downtown for parades, Christmas carols and festivals. Crafters show off their handiwork, farmers their prize produce and meats downtown throughout the year. New terms were learned by our family such as tailgate markets and trunk or treat.

Apples are plentiful in the fall and their blossoms in the spring. A sense of community and a place of new friends from the locals and the folks who chose to live in this beautiful community.

There is so much to share and do in and around Hendersonville, North Carolina that draws families from all over including Central Iowa. I hope to share through these blog posts some of what makes Hendersonville the perfect place to live in Western North Carolina.

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