Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Counterfeiting At Brevard College, this economy is killing us!

College Students Arrested for Counterfeiting

Four Brevard College students and former football players are charged with counterfeiting cash tonight. Police say they were running off $20 bills to spend in stores, and to buy drugs.

Officers arrested Blake Spinks, Chase Waldo, Takeem Moore and Darius Williams. Police say they were tipped off by a call from a Wendy's employee who took a fake $20 bill.

Brevard police chief Dennis Wilde says Spinks was the money maker, running it on Staples multi-purpose paper.

Officers say two of the men used the fake money to buy marijuana from a female student on campus. Now the men face possible federal charges.

Brevard College is not commenting on the case.

See the video on WLOS.

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